Data Module


When it comes to simple lookup data, users always end up manually adding data to SQL tables that can sometimes be time consuming. This Module provide everyday lookup data, that are freely available in online.



This may benefit business by providing Business Analysts with data pro-actively, instead of delays waiting for Business to source data from department.


This may save developers time importing and designing lookup data. It easier to just update and extend data, than to set all up from scratch.


View Components

There are no View Components for these modules.



This module is just a set of already built SmartBox SmartObjects with data in them. All of this data are freely available online. Currently they are split into the following Categories:

  • Financial
  • General
  • Health
  • Human Resources
  • Law
  • Suppliers


After this module has been deployed, lookup SmartObjects will be available that can be used in Smartform views and forms.