Foundation Module

The Foundation module is the heart and soul of the framework. To get started, drag the Loader View Component into your K2 smartform.

This component connects to the Springboard for K2 Modules web service which enables you to add/edit CSS and JavaScript which is saved in a central repository on the web service.

The Foundation module consist of the following View Components:

  • Editor
  • Loader
  • Themes
  • HelloWorld

Loader (SBM4K2.Foundation.ViewComponents.Loader)

The Loader Component of the foundation module is responsible for loading the framework for all other modules to work.

This module also enables the user to use the DebugMode, (which allows the user to debug Springboard for K2 Modules at Runtime) and DevMode, (which allows you to add any additional CSS and JavaScript to the page.)

Parameter Description Parameter values
sbmDevMode Enables Development Mode false
sbmDebug Enables Debugging Mode false

Themes (SBM4K2.Foundation.ViewComponents.Themes)

This component is responsible for adding custom themes to your K2 form. Once the CSS is added via the Themes Module, it will then be applied to all your Forms that have the foundation module in it.

Parameter Name Description Parameter values
sbmTheme Add the Theme Name Text ThemeName
useDefaultTheme set boolean to load new Theme true

Theme Configuration:

Themes consist of one or a collection of items or styles. These themes can be added or altered in the Themes and the Themes.Files K2 Forms Located in the following location:

In the Themes Form you can create new themes and add CSS files to the the existing themes. In order to make the CSS files available you need add/Edit your CSS in the Themes.Files form. There is a one to many relationship between the Themes and the Themes.Files SmartBox SmartObjects.


The HelloWorld component is an example view component to demonstrate how custom Modules can be created