When it comes to simple lookup data, users always end up manually adding data to SQL tables that can sometimes be time consuming. This Module provide everyday lookup data, that are freely available in online.

Wizard Module


When it comes to inputting data, the two most common patterns used on the web and in applications are forms and wizards.

The electronic form is a direct descendant of the paper form: a page with empty fields that the user needs to fill in. The wizard is a mini-application that takes the user through a sequence of forms.

Foundation Module


The Foundation module is the hart and soul of the framework. To make any component work, first the Loader view component needs to be added to your K2 Form. This component will connect to SMB4K2 web service which will enable you to add/edit CSS and JavaScript in an orderly fashion where css and javaScript will be saved in a central repository on the web service.